A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Ema and Razi are two countryside girls who have grown up together. Ema's fearless spirit makes them move to a big city looking for new friends and adventures. In this new town they find out that even silly things can become big monsters when you live alone. In a rainy day, when loneliness is stronger, they find their worst enemy: depression. Now they need to use the power of their friendship to get back together and defeat their inner monsters. In this game you control both girls in this path, where they fight together, even when they are apart.



FindMe-Windows.zip 25 MB
FIndMe-Linux.zip 30 MB

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the FindMeBuild-Final.zip
  2. Execute the FindMe_Project.exe
  3. It works the same way on linux.


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Pô, tá fofo demais! Arte muito bonita, e com 2020 do jeito que tá, só digo que estou com #saudades de sair na rua e desviar de cocô de pomba ♥ Parabéns!

Obrigada! ♥


Bonito arte, felicidades por esta WGJ2020

Muchas gracias!